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Improving radiotherapy

Professor Bart Cornelissen and Dr Tiffany Chan appeared on BBC South Today to discuss their PCR-funded project combining radiotherapy with other drugs to improve patient outcomes.

Raising awareness of the increased risk of prostate cancer in Black men

We teamed up with cancer care provider GenesisCare and Linford Christie OBE, Olympian and Prostate Cancer Campaigner.

Stark stats show one in four black men will develop prostate cancer

One in four black men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer compared to an eighth of males from other ethnicities.

But despite the stark statistics, research has found just under a quarter (24 per cent) of black men are aware of the higher risks.

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‘Knowing my cancer risk saved my life’: Wiltshire man warns others to be aware

A Wiltshire man who survived prostate cancer is warning other black men they are twice as likely as white men to develop the disease, and says his own awareness saved his life.

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One in four black men diagnosed with prostate cancer – the 7 signs to watch out for

ONE in four black men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during their lifetime as under a quarter know they are at a higher risk, a survey has revealed.

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Linford Christie in ‘shock’ over co-star Sarah Harding as he urges fans to discuss cancer

LINFORD CHRISTIE has opened up on his aim to encourage people to speak about cancer while urging fans to get health checks to catch the disease as early as possible.

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Prostate cancer survivor & music therapist Alphonso Archer and PCR Head of Research Dr Naomi Elster spoke to 5 News as part of our work with GenesisCare and Linford Christie OBE to raise awareness of the increased risk of prostate cancer in black men.

Raconteur Combatting Cancer Report

We appeared alongside other leading cancer charities in Raconteur's Combatting Cancer Report which is distributed by The Times.

Combating Cancer 2021

Let’s Talk About The Hard Things

Earlier this year, Prostate Cancer Research (PCR), in partnership with Tackle Prostate Cancer and pharmaceutical company Ipsen, launched a nationwide survey to better understand the experiences faced by people living with prostate cancer, particularly in relation to the challenges patients face with treatment side effects.

Breaking down taboos of prostate cancer – Calne man tells his story

A Calne cancer survivor is hoping his story will help others, and has volunteered to go public in a charity campaign.

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Harlow-based Boxing promoter Ambrose Mendy backs campaign to break down taboos around prostate cancer treatment side effects

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Dad with ‘no pain or major symptoms’ given devastating cancer news

Michael Woolley was diagnosed with prostate cancer in August 2018, after a chat with his work friend encouraged him to get checked out.

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‘Prostate cancer treatment killed our sex drive and gave us hot flushes but we’re fighting the stigma’

When Mark Dalloway, 57, learned he carried the BRCA2 gene mutation, he knew he had to take action.

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Announcing our new research projects

In April 2020, we invited researchers to submit proposals and recently announced the scientist who were awarded funding.

London scientist receives nearly £500k in funding for prostate cancer research

A group of London scientists are receiving funding to fill the gaps in the research landscape of prostate cancer.

Dr Claire fletcher is one of those behind the research and spoke to James about how the research and how she’ll be using the funding.

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A new blood test to detect cancer

PCR CEO, Oliver Kemp, appeared on Sky News to discuss a new blood test to detect 50 types of cancer being piloted by the NHS and what this will mean for prostate cancer patients

Living with prostate cancer: how has COVID-19 affected you?

The COVID-19 pandemic has had huge impacts on everyone in society. Earlier this year, we launched our survey, 'Living with prostate cancer: how has COVID-19 affected you?'

Newly diagnosed cancer patients are being forced to contact specialist over phone or video call

Findings show the proportion of those told they have prostate cancer who don’t get an initial face-to-face consultation has risen eight-fold.

Newly diagnosed cancer patients are being forced to speak to their specialist over the phone or via video call rather than in person, experts have warned.

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The impact of COVID-19 on charities

PCR CEO, Oliver Kemp, discussed the impact that COVID-19 is having on charities in the UK on Sky News.

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