Oliver Kemp


Oliver keeps the team on its toes making sure we are always moving at pace and striving to be the best, whether that’s diversifying our funding, coming up with new ways to keep prostate cancer patients firmly at the centre of all we do, or making sure his team wins the Escape Room Challenge. Look out for him in December when he loves nothing more than dressing up as a Christmas elf!

Rachel Lund

Development Director

Although currently on maternity leave, Rachel usually takes all the creativity and energy in the fundraising team and manages to point it all in the same direction. She is lovely to work with and is always calm apart from when she plays table tennis. She loves to get off at the wrong train station so that she can run to the next one as it keeps everyone fit and healthy.

Gordon Craig

Development Director (Maternity Cover)

Gordon has been a fundraiser for over 20 years and is delighted to be leading this excellent fundraising team whilst Rachel is on maternity leave. In his spare time Gordon likes nothing better than ferrying his teenage children around the local area culminating in sitting in the car in the middle of the night waiting to do the pick up after a party.

Ceri Evans


Ceri is our Treasurer, and a treasure. He has been a qualified Chartered Management Accountant for longer than the younger members of the team have been alive. Ceri is now semi-retired, and alongside his own business interests, he very generously gives much of his time and skills to a number of charities, including PCRC.

Sonja Lawrence

Head of Major Gifts

Sonja has worked within the charity sector since 2001, creating new ways for high net-worth individuals and corporates to engage with charities and provide support. She believes in building relationships, friend-raising more than fund-raising, so that the partnerships between the charity and supporter can create amazing results. Both her inspired collection of trainers, and her refusal to accept anything is impossible brighten up the office.

Ellen Whatmore

Head of Events

Ellen is the life and soul of the organisation as well as being a dynamic, brilliant event fundraising machine. She’s capable of taking the biggest, grandest ideas and making them practical and possible. She likes to wind Oliver up about his never ending stream of statistics and tells bad jokes about cheese.

Naomi Elster

Research and Communications Manager

Naomi has a PhD in science, for which she helped a new breast cancer treatment get to clinical trial. She has been writing and talking about science to anyone who will listen for a long time, and she came to work at PCRC when she realized her conversations with test tubes in the lab were getting a little one-sided.

Uloaku Ikegwu

Finance Manager

Uloo is a qualified member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). She is responsible for the financial health of the Organisation, making sure the money that all our donors give get to the scientists at the right time. She is bright, energetic and very competitive when it comes to making Christmas jumpers. She makes beautiful hats when she’s not looking at Excel charts. Her charisma is real.

Peter Harrison

Trusts and Foundations Manager

Peter is the perfect Trust and Foundations Manager. Not only does he have great attention to detail, he is adept at research and always puts himself in the shoes of a grant giver. He’s equally happy with the wind blowing over his riding helmet on a long Surrey bike ride as he is down at Selhurst Park praying for a win!

Judith Fall

Individual Donor and Data Officer

Judith worked as a book editor before moving into the charity sector. At PCRC, her sharp eye for detail goes into our donor care – making sure income is processed correctly and contact records are up-to-date. The only thing sharper than Judith’s attention to detail is her wry sense of humour.

Hannah Wray

Trust Fundraising Assistant

Hannah is capable of turning her hand to anything which is great cos that’s her job! She makes things happen in the fundraising and communications team quickly, quietly and efficiently. Hannah loves a good Excel sheet just as much as she loves a nice woolly jumper.

Amy Russell

Community Fundraising Officer

Amy has joined us straight from Edinburgh University after completing a degree in Philosophy. She is full of beans and ready to transform the way we fundraise through communities by creating and building relationships with supporters. We know this will be no issue for her as she has had record long inductions with staff who have left praising her questions and intelligence!

Derya Gokler

Finance Support Administrator

Derya’s eye for accuracy and efficiency keeps PCRC running smoothly, and if you need anything from Post-it notes to more obscure requests, Derya will make sure it is in the office in no time. We love the various treats she brings back from her family trips to Istanbul!

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