Hope into Reality

Prostate Cancer Research Centre are the only prostate cancer charity that focuses solely on the advanced stage of the disease, which causes the majority of prostate cancer deaths and for which treatments are currently limited.

Science has the power to turn today’s hope into tomorrow’s reality. We believe new theories will breed new discoveries, which will in turn lead to new, innovative treatments.

Our world-class scientists are dedicated to creating brand new prostate cancer treatments with the potential to reduce the side effects, dramatically cut the cost of treatment and ultimately to change the outcome. If we act now to support the science which can turn hope into reality, the next generation of men won’t have to fear a prostate cancer diagnosis.

Death rates for prostate cancer are still increasing whilst death rates for breast cancer are on the decline. We won’t stop until both cancers are on the decline.

Our History and Vision

A tightly focused research charity, the PCRC was founded in 1988 by Professor John Masters, a scientist who was passionate about finding new treatments for prostate cancer, and painfully aware of the lack of funding into advanced prostate cancer. He saw a growing need for new treatments as the population of the UK was ageing and more and more men received a diagnosis of advanced prostate cancer.

Every year more men are dying of prostate cancer. Men need new and more effective therapy. Please help our world class scientists improve survival for the next generation of men with life-threatening prostate cancer. It is only through research that we can make progress.

Professor John Masters PCRC Founder

In the last thirty years, Prostate Cancer Research Centre has developed a huge level of understanding of prostate cancer, which is an immensely complex disease. Over the next five years we plan to use all the knowledge we have gained to invest in seven projects with the potential to create seven new breakthrough treatments for men living with advanced prostate cancer.

Public awareness about prostate cancer and the potential for scientific breakthrough is at an
all-time high. As more and more men are getting their prostate checked it follows that more men are faced with the news they have prostate cancer, and are in need of treatment. At the moment, the treatments for prostate cancer options are limited. Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone replacement therapy are used but with limited efficacy and terrible side effects.

The good news is that scientific breakthroughs around mapping the genome and our bodies signalling pathways have enabled new “targeted therapies” to be available for other cancers. For example, many breast cancers are now treated with targeted therapies like tamoxifen or herceptin, which can attack breast cancer cells and leave healthy cells unharmed. These targeted therapies are one reason that breast cancer treatment is saving more and lives. With greater funding a similar outcome is perfectly possible for cancer of the prostate.

The PCRC - Where we Fit

Who are the UK's biggest cancer charities?

Cancer Research UK is the UK’s biggest cancer charity, funding research and running campaigns to raise awareness and influence public policy around all cancer types. They are also a good source of reliable, evidence-based information about cancer, and their science blog is an excellent place to go if you are concerned or confused about a cancer story in the media.

Macmillan Cancer Support provide healthcare information, emotional, practical and financial support to people affected by all types of cancer, whether you are a patient or looking after someone with cancer. If you have any questions about how to cope with cancer, you can call their team of specialist advisors for free on 0800 808 00 00, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Marie Curie provides support to people with terminal illness and their families by providing information, nursing and helper services, and hospice care. Their free phonelines are open 8am-6pm Monday to Friday and 11am-5pm on Saturday on 0800 090 2309.

World Cancer Research Fund UK supports scientific research on how cancers can be prevented through diet, exercise, and alcohol.

What makes PCRC different?

We are different in that we are smaller, but we have a much more specific focus – advanced prostate cancer, which is responsible for almost all prostate cancer deaths.

Who are Prostate Cancer UK?

Prostate Cancer UK is a large charity with a broader remit. Whilst research is at the centre of their activities, as it is ours, they are also working to improve awareness, provide support to men and communities affected by prostate cancer, and campaign for men with prostate cancer to receive the best treatment and care.

What’s the difference between Prostate Cancer Research Centre and Prostate Cancer UK?

Prostate Cancer UK and PCRC are different organisations, taking different approaches towards our common goal – a future in which no man dies of prostate cancer. We regularly meet to discuss how our different strategies complement each other, as we both work to build a better future for men and their families.

Prostate Cancer Research Centre (PCRC) is a smaller charity with more specific aims. We focus purely on research. We focus purely on making sure there are effective treatments in the future for men with advanced prostate cancer, which is responsible for almost all prostate cancer deaths.

How does PCRC know it is funding high quality research?

We aim to fund the very best research, with the greatest potential to deliver real life impact for prostate cancer patients. PCRC is proud to be a member of the Association of Medical Charities (AMRC). Our stringent selection process for the research we fund goes beyond best practice guidelines of the AMRC, and applications we receive are peer-reviewed by our Scientific Advisory Committee and External Advisory Committee. Each of these groups consist of leading cancer scientists who ensure our money is is invested in the best way possible. Our Trustees oversee everything we do to make sure we are always acting in the best interests of our supporters.

PCRC Trustees and Scientists

PCRC Trustees and Scientists

The 2018 PCRC Impact Report was produced to communicate our impact and look for ways to improve. Assessing our past achievements and present methods helps us to be even more effective in the future.

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