The time for action is now.

Join us in making prostate cancer screening a priority.

Every year over 13,000 men die of prostate cancer – that’s one every 40 minutes. This is a national tragedy. 

It doesn’t need to be this way. If prostate cancer is caught early it is almost always curable.

It is time prostate cancer screening was prioritised in this country.

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As you read this, the major political parties are finalising their manifestos, deciding what to include and what not to include if they win the next election.

Join us and demand that political parties commit to introducing prostate cancer screening in the next Parliament. 

Will you sign up and join our movement? We need to speak as one voice and make ourselves heard. Your signature can make a difference.

It is time for action. Add your signature today and help save lives.

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"Prostate cancer screening is a necessity, not a luxury." Jack - PCR Supporter
"Its time to start a national screening programme." Denzil - PCR Supporter
"Its time to invest in early prostate cancer screening. We need this now." Bruce - PCR Supporter

With you, and thousands of like-minded people by our side, we can lift our voices and demand politicians act.

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