Our strategy for a future where there is no need to fear prostate cancer.

Research into prostate cancer stands at a pivotal juncture, marked by substantial progress and renewed hope. Over the past decade, the landscape of prostate cancer research has been transformed by the development of innovative precision medicines that herald a new era of patient care. 

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Summary of key strategic goals

Building Better, Together

By the end of 2027, our commitment is to establish five novel cross-departmental initiatives that will integrate insights and share knowledge across disciplines, with the overarching goal of addressing a broader spectrum of patient needs. These initiatives will not only foster learning and innovation but will also encourage a deeper understanding of the patient journey, from diagnosis through treatment and beyond

Research Driving Transformation

By 2027, PCR is set to significantly amplify the scope and impact of its academic research endeavours. The
organisation is committed to doubling the funding for research projects, thereby driving notable advancements in prostate cancer understanding and treatment.

Building a Translational Research Ecosystem

Proven Connect – the translational arm of Prostate Cancer Research will leverage our deep scientific knowledge, clinical and patient insights, and commercial expertise. We aim to construct an impactful investment portfolio consisting of up to 12 early-stage companies, through our Proven Connect programme.
With a strategic focus on pre-seed and seed ventures, we anticipate several of these entities reaching a pivotal moment for substantial Venture Capital investment within 3 years.

Empowering a more equitable prostate cancer community

Our patient engagement strategy aims to bridge the gap between research and the patient community, fostering a relationship where a diverse and representative community actively contribute to and benefit from cutting-edge discoveries.

Getting Prostate Cancer on the Agenda

PCR is going to evolve from a predominantly reactive stance in influencing towards a more proactive, strategic approach reflecting the views of our patient supporters. We will focus on clear and achievable objectives designed to significantly enhance the lives and outcomes of individuals living with prostate cancer based on the latest research developments.

Sustainable growth in fundraising and efficient operations

To enable all these ambitious goals, we will employ a multifaceted strategy encompassing flexible, diversified, and stable fundraising, alongside powerful communications and marketing strategies to significantly expand our recognition and audience.

We are reaching out to patients, corporate partners, foundations, fellow non-profits and the research community to join us in a united front against prostate cancer.

Our goal is clear: to ensure that every man facing this illness receives the access to the innovative tools, treatments and diagnostics that they deserve.

We need you to join us in this pivotal moment to establish enduring partnerships that will transform patient care, accelerate research, and dismantle the barriers to health equity. Your partnership is not just a commitment to our mission.
Together, we can create a future where no life is limited by this disease.

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