The Alexander McSkimming Award

In honour of the continued support from the McSkimming family, we are proud to announce the creation of ‘The Alexander McSkimming Award’

The McSkimming family have been supporting PCR since 2017 and have raised over £100,000 by running the London Marathon each year.

Aaron was the first of the family to sign up and has since run three marathons, followed by his cousin Kevin and son, Ryan who have each completed one.

We are constantly blown away by their continued support for PCR, raising awareness throughout their company, family and friends and securing regular features in the news.

They chose to support PCR as Aarons father, Alexander McSkimming, was diagnosed with prostate cancer and sadly, after three years of suffering from the disease he passed away in 2015.

We are extremely grateful to have Aaron, Kevin and Ryan raise awareness and vital funds for our research and play a huge part in us being able to fund incredible research which takes us closer to our mission.

This is why we have decided to award the McSkimming family with naming a project in Alexander McSkimming’s memory. We are delighted to announce that the Alexander McSkimming Award has been awarded to Professor Gert Attard at University College London.

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