During the month of August, PCR, in collaboration with Tackle Prostate Cancer and in association with leading cancer charity Penny Brohn UK, are bringing you four webinars to help you live well and take a whole life approach to prostate cancer.

Penny Brohn UK’s Bristol Whole Life Approach is underpinned by science and the most recent research into the impact of lifestyle, for people living with cancer.


Aug 4th 11:30am-12:45pm

Building Resilience

Mounting evidence suggests that combining conventional cancer treatments with lifestyle approaches like physical activity, nutrition, sleep and stress management contributes to better quality of life and outcomes after a diagnosis, and that evidence-informed complementary therapies can help with the management of some of the physical, psychological and emotional impacts of a cancer diagnosis. This session will share an overview of the evidence and suggest ways to safely use integrative strategies to improve your health and wellbeing.

With Dr Catherine Zollman, Medical Lead, Penny Brohn UK

Aug 11th 11:30am-12:45pm

Prostate Cancer and the Benefits of Physical Activity

This evidence-based session will discuss the benefits of physical activity, how much is recommended for your individual situation, and the intensity to aim for. It will also cover issues specific to prostate cancer including testosterone deprivation, obesity, pelvic floor exercises, lower body lymphedema and peripheral neuropathy.

With Alisa Burke, Physical Activity Lead, Penny Brohn UK

Aug 18th 11:30am-12:45pm

Coping with Advanced Disease

This session will consider the impacts of anxiety and offer tips and techniques to help manage it. It will also discuss the importance of emotional support and suggest a range of different things which can help support you as you live with the impact of prostate cancer.

With Allon Stokes, Counselling Lead, Penny Brohn UK

Aug 25th 11:30am-12:45pm

Wellbeing and Self-care

This session will share some easy to do self-care tools & techniques. It will be explorative and interactive, with a focus on how to be open to a deeper connection and awareness with ourselves, with nature and with our loved ones. It will draw on techniques from self-acupressure, meditation and movement such as Qigong.

With Alex Turner and Markus Heimpel, Wellbeing Consultants, Penny Brohn UK

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This month’s ‘A Whole Life Approach’ webinar series is brought to you by PCR in collaboration with Tackle Prostate Cancer and in association with cancer charity Penny Brohn UK.

Penny Brohn UK is a national charity, funded by public donations, that provides free, integrative care to everyone living with cancer, before, during and after treatment.

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