Thanking your supporters

It is so important to thank your supporters for their generosity and for getting behind your challenge or event.

It is also a great way to make them aware of the difference they have made and what their donations mean for our research.

We appreciate it can be difficult to thank every person who supports you individually, so here are some of our top tips and ideas for thanking your supporters and giving your thank you a personal touch:

Update and thank

Include a photo, an update on your race/challenge/event and your total.

There are loads of ways you can contact your supporters to thank them; for example, through updating your online giving page, posting on social media, or sending an email.

When you make your post, be sure to include a few photos from your activity. A few words about your experience, and keep it personal! Y


Record a video

You can do this before, during or after your activity.

Recording a quick video during your event is a great way to show your supporters how you’re getting on and to put your voice to the thank you! This is particularly good for sports and challenge events, for example if you’ve just finished a half marathon or reached the peak of Snowdon, as you can capture the excitement of the moment for your supporters (after you’ve got your breath back!).


Use social media

This could also be used as a chance to get some final donations and as an opportunity to re-share your online giving page.

Thank people throughout your fundraising on social media and use this as an opportunity to share your fundraising page! Perhaps someone has left a particularly encouraging comment on your page which you could share as well.

Inform them of your total

This way, everyone will see just how much you raised.

You can link this directly to the impact your fundraising could have. For example, if you raised over £250 that is the equivalent of funding essential lab equipment for 6 months – something which our scientists absolutely need to reach the breakthroughs which will help to achieve better outcomes for patients.


Get creative

Think outside of the box and do something different.

You could write a thank you poem or song, or get creative on TikTok and make a funny thank you video. This will be use to get peoples attention and will be a thank you they remember.

Thank in person

Help people feel a part of your journey.

If you are hosting a fundraising event, try to talk to as many of your guests as possible to thank them in person for their donations, explain more about the research you are funding and your experience up until that point.

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