Here at Prostate Cancer Research we are determined to provide a better future for men and their families. We fund world-class scientists and their pioneering research into prostate cancer, working towards new breakthrough treatments.

We support a science forward approach to tackling prostate cancer, but a patient focus is in our DNA. We involve patients in every step of the way to make sure we are funding research that is important to you.


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Let's Talk About The Hard Things

We are launching a new campaign ‘Let’s Talk About The Hard Things’ to break down the taboos surrounding the side effects of prostate cancer treatment and encourage people living with prostate cancer to have important conversations about their experiences with friends, family and healthcare professionals.

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Announcing 5 New Research Projects!

We are delighted to introduce the scientists who were awarded funding and what their research will mean for those living with prostate cancer.

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Never underestimate the power of sitting in a doctors room with someone you love who is fighting cancer and hearing the words 'there is a new type of treatment available'.

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