PCR partners with GFCT in screening push

Prostate Cancer Research are pleased to be partnering with UK charity GFCT Ltd to work on making the case for a prostate cancer screening programme in the UK. GFCT has played a key role in helping to gather signatures for our ongoing petition and we thank them for their continued support.

To sign our screening petition visit: https://act.prostate-cancer-research.org.uk/a/manifestos


About GFCT

GFCT was set up by Graham Fulford and his wife Sue in 2004 after a dear friend and close relative were diagnosed with prostate cancer. Since then the charity has carried out awareness events all over the country and has been involved in helping to organise over 300,000 PSA tests. Through their work they have helped detect over 3000 men with prostate cancer, many in relatively young men and many in men with no symptoms.

GFCT offers testing via a series of events and also offers a home testing kit facility. The charity was amongst the first recipients of the Kings Award for Voluntary Service, a distinguished honour for any charitable organisation. Founder Graham Fulford said: “We know the PSA test is not perfect but if used properly and checked at various intervals is the best we have until something better comes along. Men with a raised PSA should now be offered an MRI scan before a biopsy to help reduce over treatment”.

You can find out all about the work GFCT does, their events or home testing kits at www.psatests.org.uk.

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