Winter Training Tips

It may be cold but there are still so many ways in which you exercise!

We know that winter has come, and the prospect of running and training in the cold is not one everyone is willing to face. It can also feel dangerous and more difficult to run in cooler weather conditions. So we’ve put together a list of five top tips on training throughout the winter, to help you stay on track for your races.

  1. Run on a treadmill at the gym instead of outside. Not everybody can do this, but it means you avoid bad weather and are less likely to get hurt. Make treadmill running more interesting by watching a movie or reading a book while you do so, so that you don’t get bored of staring at the same thing whilst you train.
  2. Split up your training into smaller chunks. For example, if you usually run ten miles at once, run five miles in the morning, and then wait 6-8 hours before you run the rest. This gives the winter weather time to change, and also reduces the time spent outside all in one go, so that you are less likely to hurt yourself. This can also help when running on a treadmill to reduce boredom!
  3. Dress to keep warm without overheating. It’s not good to bundle on too many layers, as you are bound to heat up when you run. Try only dressing as if it is a tiny bit colder so that you don’t get too hot too quickly. You could also invest in a pair of running shoes with thicker grip for wet or snowy weather. This way, you are less at risk of slipping and injuring yourself.
  4. Be more aware of your surroundings than usual. This will give you more control on your run. Make sure that on darker days you are visible to other people and motorists by wearing high visibility clothing.
  5. Extend your warm up and don’t push yourself too hard. As your body is stiffer over the winter, it needs a longer warm up period to prevent tears or pulls in the muscles. Your body needs rest in order to recover so take this time to listen to your body and learn what it needs.

We hope that these tips help with your training throughout the winter and keep you safe, ready for all of our races in the warmer months!

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