In 2022 Prostate Cancer Research and Ipsen collaborated to develop a webinar series for people affected by prostate cancer called What to Expect: A Guide to Prostate Cancer. Please click on the links below to access the recordings.

Webinar 1 - Get to know the basics – learn about the prostate and prostate cancer

In this session GP Professor Mike Kirby and Advanced Nurse Practitioner Liz Cross help people get a better understanding of the prostate, symptoms of prostate cancer and tests that a GP may need to do.

Webinar 2 - Diagnosing prostate cancer – understanding tests and what might happen

This webinar, led by Urological Surgeon Professor Caroline Moore, Clinical Nurse Specialist Clare Waymont and Urologist Vinnie During, focuses on what happens following a GP referral, including the tests and investigations that lead to a prostate cancer diagnosis.

Job code: DR-UK-000467. Date of preparation: June 2022

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