Introducing…Race for Science!

This year, for the first time ever, we’re running Race for Science, a mind-blowing, immersive scavenger hunt to raise life-saving funds for advanced prostate cancer research. We talk to Jess, PCR Events Assistant, about how she’s brought the idea to life.

So, tell us about Race for Science and how you came onboard?

Race for Science is an immersive, hands-on, mind-blowing scavenger hunt. Teams race against the clock (and each other!) to solve the mystery of the missing scientist and save prostate cancer research. To do that, you have to follow a trail of clues across Cambridge and decipher a series of scientific puzzles.

I joined PCR at the end of 2017 to work exclusively on Race for Science. I often think about how ridiculous it is that I’d never done an escape room before I accepted the role! I’ve done eight since I started, and they are now one of my all-time favourite activities.

Why did you decide on an immersive event?

I didn’t! I interviewed our CEO Oliver on the Race for Science blog about how he came up with the idea for an immersive event, so stayed tuned for that!

Where did the idea of a mission come from?

The original idea for the event was a scavenger hunt with immersive, escape-room like challenges, so the missions naturally followed from the Race for Science story. My main priority has been finding smart, creative people to donate exciting challenges. We went out to universities and colleges, escape room companies, STEM outreach groups and more to find fun, engaging activities that both surprise and educate. We think you’re going to love them!

Isn’t the idea of an escape room a little claustrophobic?

I actually am mildly claustrophobic and don’t like being in places that I can’t easily leave, but I’ve never had an issue with escape rooms. Often you’re not actually locked in the room, and there is always a safety procedure to leave the room as quickly as possible if you’re feeling uncomfortable or just want to take a break. People who run escape rooms want you to have a good time, remember! The missions in Race for Science are 20-minutes at the longest, and all of the venues are a comfortable size.

How do I know this is for me?

If you like scavenger hunts, riddles and logic puzzles, video games, escape rooms, or theatre… you’ll probably find something to enjoy! I know that’s a long list, but Race for Science is truly unlike anything else that I’ve come across, and has elements of all of the above. The closest example I have is Fire Hazard’s street games. If you like those, you’ll love Race for Science!

Race for Science is an exclusive corporate challenge and there are limited tickets available, but we are reserving 20% of the tickets for members of the local community. If you want to be one of the lucky people to experience Race for Science in its first year, email [email protected] directly.

What makes Cambridge the perfect place for an event like this?

The whole city is incredibly scientifically engaged, and the sheer number of scientists and innovators who are doing incredible work (in STEM companies, at the university, in start-ups) is staggering. Cambridge also has a rich scientific history – not to mention it’s just such a beautiful city!

So, a scientist has gone missing, and her research has vanished. Can you give us any clues about what happened to her?

That’s highly classified information! Sign up to the event and you’ll start receiving clues about her whereabouts…

30th of March. Central Cambridge. Book your tickets now at

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