Prostate Cancer Research gains PIF TICK accreditation to become a ‘trusted information creator’

Prostate Cancer Research (PCR) has been awarded the PIF TICK – the UK’s only assessed quality mark for print and online health and care information.

To become a ‘trusted information creator’, PCR had to undergo an assessment showing it met 10 key criteria.

This means you can be assured that what you are reading, watching or listening to is evidence-based, understandable, jargon-free, up-to-date and produced to the best possible standard.

A prostate cancer diagnosis can be life changing and bewildering. We have heard from patients how difficult it can be to find good quality, trusted information – the nightmare of Dr Google is real. That is why we were so eager to seek PIF TICK accreditation to demonstrate to our patient community our commitment to producing information that is reliable and trustworthy.

David James
Head of Patient Projects, PCR

The PIF TICK, which launched in May 2020 is run by the non-profit Patient Information Forum (PIF).

In July 2021, a public website,, was launched to raise awareness of PIF TICK accredited members and help people find trusted health information.

The site also includes guides on topics including spotting false health information and understanding evidence.

We are thrilled to welcome Prostate Cancer Research to our ever-growing community of accredited PIF TICK members. Accurate, accessible, evidence-based information is key to increasing patient empowerment and improving health outcomes.

Dan Wills
PIF TICK manager
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