Louise Milne Fighting for her Family

She's taken an ugly diagnosis, and turned it into something beautiful.

All people are blessed by something in their lives; I was blessed with my family. Yet on September 9th 2016 it felt as though this was drifting away from me as my dad was diagnosed with Advanced Prostate Cancer. Our lives had changed forever and the moments that followed this diagnosis felt like a giant black hole of unanswered questions and emotions making it difficult to find clarity or the strength to get through each day. However with the support of not just each other but from our extended family, friends and medical professionals, we became strong enough to start fighting back.

My boyfriend signed us up for the Snowdon 500 Challenge, as my Christmas present would you believe! But it is the best present I have ever received. So in May 2017 we climbed Mount Snowdon and participated in a great day organised by Ellen, Lauren and the team at the Prostate Cancer Research Centre; the energy on the day and the number of people in attendance made me realize how many of us are affected daily by this disease. So whilst walking up the mountain I used my time wisely and mentally planned by next Fundraising Challenge: A Charity Gala Dinner.

I fundraise for Prostate Cancer Research Centre to ensure that my Dad and everyone else that is affected by this vile disease has the best chance of survival. My dad’s prognosis was said to be 3-5 years, however due to treatment he has already received since September 2016 his cancer has now been labelled as dormant. Whilst it remains incurable it has, for now, gone to sleep and this is all due to the continued effect and successes from the research that is carried out.


Never underestimate the power of sitting in a doctors rooms with someone YOU love that is fighting Cancer and hearing the words ‘THERE IS A NEW TYPE OF TREATMENT AVAILABLE’ or ‘A NEW COMBINATION OF TREATMENT HAS BEEN DISCOVERED’ and listening to the proven success rates for fighting Prostate Cancer and increasing survival rates.

By buying a ticket to my Gala dinner, not only will you have a great evening of fun, food and good company but your money can help make sure this research can continue and hopefully allow more people to hear these words.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

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