Growing a Stache for a Good Cause

Men’s Health Awareness Month and Prostate Cancer Research

Did you know that November marks Men’s Health Awareness Month? It is an unfortunate reality that men are more hesitant or likely to delay seeking advice about prostate cancer. GensisCare and Prostate Cancer Research conducted a survey with 2,000 people, and despite a cancer diagnosis being the top concern amongst men, 49% of male participants admitted to burying their heads in the sand when it came to health-related issues.

However, Men’s Health Awareness Month isn’t just about physical health conditions either. It’s also dedicated to tackling mental health awareness amongst men, and it goes without saying physical and mental health can go hand in hand, with people living with cancer at a heightened risk of developing mental health problems.

Nevertheless, fundraisers across the UK are getting involved in various creative ways to fundraise for a men’s health charities throughout November, and we’re delighted to have some great people fundraising for us this month.

One of the most popular and infamous fundraising activities to get stuck into is to grow the biggest and best moustache you can! One group who won are refraining from shaving this month are the Croxley Rebels Scooter Club!

We chatted with one of their members, Colin Wood, to find out more about what inspired the club to fundraise for Prostate Cancer Research this November.

Tell us a bit about the Croxley Rebels Scooter Club, Colin:

“We’re a Scooter Club mainly consisting of Vespa and Lambretta enthusiasts based in Croxley Green, Hertfordshire. We’ve all been scooting enthusiasts since we were kids and have been members of a variety of different clubs, but the Croxley Rebels have been going for about 4 to 5 years. We’re a tight-knit group and go out once a week for a ride. As well as that, every year we attend a massive scooter rally on the Isle of Wight.”

Have you done any fundraising like this before?:

“The Club have fundraised for a variety of different charities before and every year we host a Northern Soul night to raise funds for a particular charity. This is the first time we’ll be growing moustaches for Men’s Health Awareness Month and Prostate Cancer Research though!”

Why did you want to fundraise for PCR in November?:

“One of our Club members has prostate cancer and had to have a major op to have it removed. I wanted to do something that could help raise money and awareness for this cause and, because our Club is made up of men in their late 40’s and 60’s, we’re all aware that prostate cancer could affect us. PCR were the first charity that came to mind and more than anything, we thought growing our moustaches would be a good laugh and would give us the opportunity to grow the ‘staches we’ve always wanted to try – now we’ve got an excuse!”

Any advice you’d give to anyone interested in fundraising?:

“Just have a bit of fun, have a laugh! It’s a great way to bring your Club together whilst doing something that makes a difference, our members have a great time at our events, and you can find a way to do something you all love whilst raising money for an important cause.”

It may be too late to a grow a mighty moustache this year, but there are plenty of ways you can get involved as an individual or group! Christmas is around the corner and March is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month; both are perfect opportunities for you to take part in a fundraising campaign. Set yourself a challenge, host an event or take part in one of our many sporting events you can find on our website.

If you want to find out more, the Events & Community Team are here and happy to help, just email [email protected] and they’ll get you set up with the information and materials you need to kick-start your fundraising.

P.S. here are some great before and after photos of the Rebels Scooter Club:

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