How to take the perfect photo

Hints and tips on how to take a photo that will do your baking masterpiece justice!

Let’s set the scene – you’ve just finished decorating your #LegendInTheBaking cake, you’ve decided who you’re going to dedicate it to and you’re ready to upload it to our gallery before you tuck in! The final thing you need to do is take a picture which does your masterpiece justice. And you’ve come to right place! Here are our top five handy tips for taking a picture-perfect snap.



1.Be creative and get yourself involved!

There are no strict rules for taking your photo; be as creative and fun as you like! We would love to see as many pictures with you and your family in with your bakes, photos of you in the process of baking and as many inventive ways to display your cake as possible. The most important part is to have fun!

2.If it’s just a picture of your bake, clear the space around it so it’s the only object in shot

Try to make sure your bake is the only object in the photo – it’ll make it stand out and be easier to focus on.

3.Use natural light

Natural lighting is always better than artificial, so take a photo of your bake by a window if you can!

4.Set your camera’s focus

Setting your camera’s focus is super easier to do on smartphones. All you need to do is open the camera app, point the lens at the bake and tap on the bake on your screen to focus on it! This will avoid any blurry pictures.

5.Keep a steady hand when you take your photo

Try to keep a steady hand when you take your photo so we have a clear picture of your bake!

The most important tip here is definitely number one. Even if you don’t manage to follow the rest of the steps, we still want to see your photos and get as many dedicated bakes as possible displayed on our gallery. All photos are welcome and we can’t wait to see your creations!


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