Future 5: A campaign to raise £5m

We are looking for Future 5 supporters to donate £5,000 or more to help PCR to find 5 new ways to treat prostate cancer in the next 5 years. This campaign was launched with the support of Zoe Ball, Sir Matthew Bourne, Stephen Fry, Sir Derek Jacobi and Freddie Fox.



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Zoe Ball

Television and Radio Presenter

"Prostate Cancer devastates women’s lives when the men in their life are diagnosed. As a Future 5 patron I want to take up the fight so our fathers, sons and husbands have a future where treatment can save them."

Sir Matthew Bourne OBE

Director and Choreographer

"I was personally aware of the lack of treatment for prostate cancer when I lost my father. As a Future 5 Patron I want to help rewrite the story of prostate cancer with the hope that life-saving treatment can be possible within my lifetime."

Stephen Fry

Comedian, actor, writer, presenter and activist

"I am proud and happy to be a patron of the Future 5 Campaign and know personally how crucial finding new therapies for prostate cancer is. Please do join me in lending your support to this incredibly important endeavor."

Freddie Fox


"I know only too well how prostate cancer can affect the whole family. Through being a patron of Future 5 I hope to encourage more people of my age to support this important new campaign so the next generation of men won’t have to die from prostate cancer."

Sir Derek Jacobi


"When men receive an early diagnosis of prostate cancer and treatment is available they feel lucky. I was lucky, I received treatment and am healthy and happy but I’m afraid too many men of my age get the diagnosis too late. As a Future 5 Patron I want to bring about more research so in the field of prostate cancer we rely more on science and less on feeling lucky."

We are looking for individuals, companies and trusts willing to invest £5,000 or more to become Future 5 investors.

Future 5 investors will be invited to allocate their funding to a particular research project of their choice. Investors will have the opportunity to see their project through from inception, receiving regular updates as the research progresses. Through Future 5, PCRC aims to take innovative new research ideas from bench to bedside and with investor’s support, we can achieve this.

As a thank you, Future 5 Investors will be invited to meet the scientists they’re supporting and attend special patron supported events.

To find out more about the Future 5 Investment Club, please contact Sonja Lawrence.

Mr Matthew Ellis, PCRC Chair of Trustees and Future 5 Investor

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