Every Wednesday for eight weeks, starting from June 8th, Prostate Cancer Research and Ipsen are bringing you eight useful, interactive webinars for anyone affected by prostate cancer. All are welcome – patients, family members, caregivers, or anyone who might benefit from learning more about prostate cancer and its effects. These eight 1-hour sessions will help you understand a diagnosis of prostate cancer as well as the different treatment options that might be available.

Do you have questions about prostate cancer that you haven’t been able to ask or feel too embarrassed asking? Do you want to know more about what causes prostate cancer and how it is diagnosed? Our expert speakers are happy to answer questions you may have during the Q&A session at the end of every webinar*.

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Webinar 1 - Wednesday June 8th 6-7pm

Get to know the basics – learn about the prostate and prostate cancer

In this session, GP Professor Mike Kirby and Advanced Nurse Practitioner Liz Cross, will help patients get a better understanding of the prostate, symptoms of prostate cancer and tests that your GP may need to do.

Webinar 2 - Wednesday June 15th 6-7pm

Diagnosing prostate cancer – understanding tests and what might happen

This webinar, led by Urological Surgeon Professor Caroline Moore, Clinical Nurse Specialist Clare Waymont and Urologist Vinnie During, focuses on what happens following a GP referral, including the tests and investigations that lead to a prostate cancer diagnosis.

Webinar 3 - Wednesday June 22nd 6-7pm

What’s next after a prostate cancer diagnosis – reviewing the options and making decisions

In this webinar, Clinical Nurse Specialist Louisa Fleure and Psychologist Sue Smith dive into the different management and treatment options of prostate cancer and offer advice on how to look after yourself following a diagnosis.

Webinar 4 - Wednesday June 29th 6-7pm

Treatment options – Active Surveillance, Focal Therapy and Hormone Therapy

In this session, Urological Surgeons Professor Rakesh Heer and Professor Caroline Moore discuss the monitoring and treatment options available for early stage and high risk-localised prostate cancer, including active surveillance, focal therapy, and hormone therapy.

Webinar 5 - Wednesday July 6th 6-7pm

Treatment options – Radiotherapy and Surgery

This session, run by Urological Surgeon David Mak, Oncologist Amit Bahl, and Clinical Nurse Specialists Shievon Smith and Michelle Greenwood, aims to help patients understand what to expect during the different treatments available, the side effects associated with each treatment and the long-term outlook after therapy.

Webinar 6 - Wednesday July 13th 6-7pm

How metastatic prostate cancer is treated – Part 1

In this webinar, Urological Surgeons Professor Phil Cornford and Clinical Nurse Specialists Shievon Smith and Michelle Greenwood focus on metastatic hormone sensitive prostate cancer, including what it is, what treatment options are available, the potential side effects of treatment and how to manage them.

Webinar 7 - Wednesday July 20th 6-7pm

How metastatic prostate cancer is treated – Part 2

This webinar, run by Oncologist Ian Sayers, Clinical Nurse Specialist Gayle Adams and Oncologist Joe O’Sullivan, aims to help you understand metastatic castrate-resistant prostate cancer, including how it differs from other types of prostate cancer and the current and future treatment options.

Webinar 8 - Wednesday July 27th 6-7pm

End-of-life care: What to expect and how to plan for it

This session, led by speakers Clinical Nurse Specialist Debbie Victor and Advance Care Planning Advocate Clare Fuller, focuses on what end-of-life care is, where it’s given and who it involves. Our speakers discuss the emotional, spiritual, and mental aspects of end-of-life care and the planning it may require.

At the end of each of the webinars, our speakers are available to answer questions during the Q&A sessions

This eight-part webinar series is designed to help you and your loved ones understand the prostate cancer journey: from the initial GP appointment through to diagnosis and the treatment options that are available for all stages of prostate cancer. You’re welcome to attend all the webinars or just join the sessions that are relevant and interesting to you.

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Missed one of our webinars? Don’t worry you can watch it on-demand by clicking the button below!

This webinar series is an information resource for people affected by prostate cancer. It is a collaboration between Prostate Cancer Research (PCR) and Ipsen Ltd. This project has been fully funded by Ipsen Ltd.

Job code: DR-UK-000450. Date of Preparation: June 2022

*The speakers cannot provide treatment recommendations and cannot answer questions regarding an individual’s prostate cancer treatment. Our speakers will only discuss general information on prostate cancer. Please speak to your doctor for treatment recommendations or advice on your condition.

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