The Stephen and Martin Appeal

Supported by Radio 4

The Stephen and Martin Appeal aired on BBC Radio 4 on the 16th and 20th of December 2018.

What is the appeal about?

Comedian, writer and TV presenter Stephen Fry and adventurer and businessman Martin Dallison have teamed up to support the Prostate Cancer Research’s Radio 4 appeal. The appeal highlights why men over the age of 45 should get themselves checked for prostate cancer and the importance of investing in new treatments. Martin didn’t receive a PSA test until it was too late and the cancer had spread outside of his prostate to his bones. Martin very sadly passed away on November 19th 2018. The radio 4 appeal provides an opportunity for him to prevent future generations of men from suffering what he went through.

Stephen Fry's experience of prostate cancer

Stephen Fry spoke about his diagnosis and treatment at Christmas 2017. His openness about his experience has resulted in what’s been dubbed as the ‘Fry Effect’, with the NHS seeing a significant increase in the number of men requesting PSA tests. In March this year, Stephen also agreed to be a Patron for Prostate Cancer Research’s Future 5 Campaign. Future 5 aims to raise enough money in the next five years to fund five new research projects developing more effective prostate cancer treatments.

Why is this important?

Every year 47,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer with one in three men receiving the news their cancer is inoperable. Prostate Cancer Research exists for these men.

The Radio 4 appeal hopes to reach millions of listeners, and save lives as a result. Prostate Cancer Research is asking people to listen and share Stephen and Martin’s story. Please listen in to the Appeal and share it with your friends and family. By helping to raise the profile of the appeal you will bring a new immunotherapy treatment closer to clinical trials.

Martin was always adamant that the Appeal would go ahead despite him being very ill at the time of recording. We are hugely grateful for everything he achieved for PCR. We send our heartfelt condolences to all his family and friends.

‘Having been successfully treated for prostate cancer myself nine years ago, I urge you to support the Stephen & Martin appeal to find new treatments for men with advanced prostate cancer through Prostate Cancer Research.’


Photo by John Swannell.

'I wish PCRC every success with the Stephen & Martin Appeal and developing new treatments for men with advanced prostate cancer.'

Sir Michael Parkinson CBE
English broadcaster, journalist and author
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