Quiz Winners “The Mountweazels” Choosing To Support PCRC

After winning the annual John Pearce Charity Quiz this month, the Mountweazels chose PCRC as the charity they wanted to give their winnings to!

A team representing the School of Law from the University of Nottingham, calling themselves “the Mountweazels”, won the 2019 Nottinghamshire Law Society John Pearce Charity Quiz this month. The event attracted over 40 teams from law firms, barristers’ chambers and educational institutions.

The winning team’s members we all academics in the School of Law, and they answered questions on a diverse range of topics, including Disney musicals, South American presidential palaces, and what the word is for that near bit at the end of a shoelace (an “aglet”, as it happens!).

The team’s captain, Professor Peter Cartwright, said: “We decided unanimously that the proceeds of the evening (£902) should go to the Prostate Cancer Research Centre. The fathers of two of the team’s members have suffered from the disease and we appreciate hugely the work that the Centre does.”

Thank you so much to Professor Cartwright and all the Mountweazels for choosing the Prostate Cancer Research Centre as their charity for this event! We are lucky enough to be supported by amazing people like this across the UK. Without help from supporters choosing us to benefit in this way, we would not be able to continue with our work.

The Mountweazels are bringing us closer to our goal of turning hope into a reality for men living with prostate cancer!

If you would like to hold a similar event, or have chosen us to benefit from your hard work fundraising, please do let us know by emailing events@pcr.org.uk!

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