Make your bake a PCR stand out!

You can make your #LegendInTheBaking entry even more special by incorporating our values!

If you want to get into the mind-set of our researchers and make a cake that will really stand out, think about how you can incorporate our values into your bake!

Innovation Creations – thinking outside of the box, or cake tin in this instance.
We believe in innovation as a mind-set. Approach your bake with an open mind and don’t be afraid to challenge the conventional views and ways of baking in order to drive innovation.

Collaborative Bakes – baking together and having fun!
We believe that the best results stem from bringing a mix of perspectives, talents and experiences. Work together with your family or housemates as a team, and use different skills and mind-sets to create something wonderful. In this new virtual world, you could even bake together with a loved one over Zoom! Don’t forget to send us your screenshots.

Baking Fails – hold yourself accountable for any bad bakes!

We promote accountability and collective responsibility. We believe owning up to failures, correcting them where possible and driving growth is essential. So if you’ve had a baking catastrophe, don’t be afraid to show it! No matter what happens, you’re a #PCRLegend.

The Heart of PCR
Its personal connection that brings our work to life and everything we do starts and ends with people. All of the bakes in our gallery will be dedicated to someone who has been affected by prostate cancer and will show just how essential our research is.

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