Government commits £260 million to boost NHS-led research

Our CEO, Oliver Kemp, reacts to the government's commitment to £260 million boost healthcare research and manufacturing.

In a press release on 2 March, the government announced a commitment of up to £260 million to support NHS-led research. 

Whilst £60 million pounds of this funding is earmarked for manufacturing of diagnostic tests, medical devices and medicines, the lion’s share of this investment will enable better access NHS data for research purposes whilst protecting patient confidentiality.

This investment has the potential to significantly speed up innovation and deliver new tests and treatments to patients. Plans for a comprehensive new NHS data management system promise to improve the way in which prostate cancer clinical data is collected, stored and made available for research. We have now a valuable opportunity to ensure that we maximise the potential benefits of this investment for those affected by prostate cancer.

PCR is currently exploring the value of developing a prostate cancer patient registry. The registry would enable those with a prostate cancer diagnosis to contribute data by means of completing short surveys. This data, contributed directly by patients, would sit alongside the data collected in the clinic. This would help to speed up research that focuses on the needs and preferences of prostate cancer patients. The registry could also help match patients to trials, and improve access to samples to speed innovation.

Now is the time to pledge your support for PCR’s planned registry. By letting us know that you are interested in participating you can help us make the case for the funding that we need to make our plans a reality.

You can find out more and pledge your support here
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