#GiveMenMoreTime – NICE reopens consultation on Pluvicto

We are pleased to announce on the back of our #GiveMenMoreTime campaign NICE have reopened their consultation on Pluvicto. What this means is that while they had initially decided against approving this drug, they have decided to reconsider their decision. This gives us a small window to try to influence any future decision.

We still have two big concerns about how NICE is making decisions about treatments. Firstly, they are not considering evidence from real-life experiences enough. Secondly, they are not giving enough importance to what patients and doctors are saying.

NICE has said that they will use real-life evidence to help them make decisions about treatments, but there are still problems with how they are doing this. We think that NICE should listen more to what patients and doctors are saying instead of just looking at numbers and data.

NICE has said that they will listen to patients more, which is a good thing. But the reality doesn’t seem to match this yet.

Even though we know that NICE has to consider cost and other important factors when deciding which treatments to approve, we still think they are not doing enough to consider what patients and doctors are saying. This is really unfair to patients, like those who could benefit from Pluvicto, and it means they are not getting the treatment they need to live better lives.

So, we are asking once again for your help to make sure that NICE starts listening more. If you have a few minutes before their deadline of 5pm on 14th March we would ask you to visit their consultation page and explain to them in your own words the following:

  1. What would be the impact to you personally if they were not to approve this new drug
  2. Why real world evidence from people with the disease needs to be given more weight and significance in their thinking – why they should listen to patients more!
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