Amy's bake was inspired by PCR values, Innovation and Accountability. Were very happy she has decided to dedicate her bake, even if it was a fail (in terms of presentation!)

Why are you taking part in PCR’s Legend in the Baking?

I think it’s a really fun way to keep busy during lockdown while also doing something worthwhile! It’s great to support PCR and the lovely events team plus its win-win because | get to eat cake too

What’s your favourite thing to bake?

Anything chocolatey

Are you a baking newbie or a master baker?

Probably somewhere in between! I love baking but I’ve definitely had a few bake-off level disasters before. Hopefully I can spend lots of time practicing now.

What inspired your bake?

I was originally going for Innovation to link with PCR values by baking a 3 ingredient cake with no eggs, butter or flour but it didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped so I think I’ve ended up being more alongside the Accountability value now! I think using foil because we didn’t have any baking paper was my downfall – but it still tasted delicious!

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