Making your fundraising journey as easy as possible 

Whether you are taking part in one of our fundraising activities or planning something of your own, we are on hand to help you with all of the support and materials you might need. To ensure your fundraising goes as smoothly as possible, we have created a step by step fundraising guide to ensure you have everything you need to make your event or activity the best it can be.

We love for people to plan their own fundraising activities! Register your own fundraising activities by filling out this form.

If any of your questions go unanswered then fear not as we are on hand to help at 0203 735 5446 or via email for any advice or guidance you may need. 

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Fundraising guide

Page 5  Our research and impact

Page 6  Where your money goes 

Page 7  Online fundraising 

Page 8  Spread the word

Page 10 A-Z of fundraising ideas 

Page 14 Send your fundraising further

Page 15 Keep it safe and legal

Page 16 Paying in the money

Page 17 How we can help you

Sponsorship form 

Event Planner 

Sweepstake Poster 

Press Release Guide