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We are delighted to announce the launch of our brand new grant call.

Prostate Cancer Research (PCR) are accepting proposals for innovative, challenging research projects relevant to advanced prostate cancer. Proposals can be up to £500,000 and up to 4 years. We particularly want to support early career researchers, and researchers who prioritise collaboration.

Whilst proposals will be considered for up to £500,000 per proposal, PCR seeks to maximise the impact of every pound it invests in research. Several smaller grants may be considered to deliver more impact for prostate cancer patients than a single large grant. Applicants should consider their budgets carefully and minimise discretionary expenditure that does not deliver value for money.

Our Scientific Approach

Projects we fund must be aligned with our Research Strategy, which you can read in full here. You are also encouraged to watch this short video to learn what last year’s grant call recipients thought of the process, and what they see as the strengths of PCR.

Our Research Strategy is based on the following core principles:

  • A Wider Base: work we fund must have an impact on advanced disease, but we recognise that there are many ways to achieve this, e.g. classification systems
  • Strong relationships between all PCR-funded teams, whatever their location
  • We encourage research that aims to reduce the cost of prostate cancer treatment in the long term and save the NHS money
  • We are committed to ethically conducted research, a robust but rapid process of scientific peer review, and an Open Access philosophy

This year, we are opening up our funding round to social science proposals. We were founded as a medical research charity and that remains our main focus. However, we recognise that health itself, the ability to receive care, and quality of life are affected by many different factors. We feel that we can serve our mission to build a better future for families affected by prostate cancer even better if we also consider social science proposals.

Areas of Research Interest

While we are interested in the areas of research below, we will consider any research avenue relevant to men suffering from advanced prostate cancer:

  1. Early stage research that can lead to future, larger research awards. Collaborative research is encouraged. Interest from early career scientists is strongly encouraged.
  2. Research focusing on improving the quality of life for people affected by prostate cancer.
  3. Research addressing a critical knowledge gap, such as but not limited to, co-morbidities, ARVs, or bone metastasis. The proposal should clearly outline the knowledge gap and why it matters.



Career Stage This award is open to PhD-qualified researchers at any stage of their career. If you have less than three years of independent research experience, you should have the mentorship of a senior researcher.

Institution The lead applicant must be based at an academic or clinical institution in the UK. National or international collaborations will be considered as long as the award can be administered through a UK-based lead host institution.

Three main criteria will be used to select successful projects:

  1. Relevance to people affected by prostate cancer
  2. Scientific excellence and innovation
  3. Collaboration with other scientists

Please note: The situation around COVID-19 is constantly evolving and factors beyond our control may affect our ability to complete this process according to our planned timeline. In the event of any likely delays, all applicants will be kept fully informed.


Please download and complete the EOI form below and return it, as a word document only, to by the deadline of 23.59 on Friday, 8 May 2020.

If you have not received an acknowledgement of your application within four days of your submitting it, please contact us immediately to confirm we have received it.

If you applied last year, you may re-apply. Please make it clear how the feedback you received last year was incorporated into your new application.

We may at our discretion, if an applicant has not had sufficient resources to gather strong preliminary data, or a project is felt to be particularly high-risk, award a pilot grant of £100,000 for up to 18 months, with the possibility of subsequent further funding, in place of a project grant.

If you have any other queries, please contact the research team at

Please download, complete and return the EOI form, as a word document only, to by the deadline of 23.59 on Friday, 8 May 2020.

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