Progress on finding new treatment can only be made through research. We are funding world class scientists in world class institutions to ensure we are moving closer every day to achieving our mission.

PCRC has four programmes of research

1. Targeting the spread of prostate cancer

2. Targeting the prostate cancer stem cells

3. Boosting the immune system to kill prostate cancer cells

4. Development of models to test the new therapies before they go into the clinic


DNA is the basis of human life, and when it is corrupted cancer can develop. £2500 will provide one researcher with DNA sequencing kits to last one year.


We study prostate cancer cells in the laboratory. £1000 will supply one team with a set of pipettes to accurately measure tiny volumes of liquid containing the cancer cells.


£500 pays for 500 of our Prostate Cancer Information Booklets, to be sent out for free to help newly diagnosed men and their families make the decisions they will face regarding treatment and care.


We need to distinguish normal and cancer cells in the laboratory. £250 will pay for a fluorescent antibody for detecting prostate cancer cells


We need to grow prostate cancer cells in the laboratory as a starting point to test new drugs. £100 will buy a bottle of liquid food for growing the cells.


One year of  the research in Cardiff is £100,000
One year of research into the Spread of Prostate Cancer is £100,000
One year of research into Prostate Cancer Stem Cells is £100,000
One year of research into Immunotherapy is £300,000

One month of research £8000

One week of research £2000

One day of research £275

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