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Helping to create a better future for men and their families

Our research is supported by Trusts and Foundations that enable us to focus on the development of vital treatments for advanced prostate cancer.

By partnering with Prostate Cancer Research Centre, you can help us to increase our impact either by supporting a specific research project or our core costs, which ensures that we are focused on working with great scientists and enabling great research.

If you would like to find out more about supporting the work of PCRC, please contact Peter Harrison on 020 3330 0749.

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Thank you to our supporters

We are delighted by the generous donations of our Trust and Foundation supporters

The Nicol 2011 Trust: supporting the discovery of new classifications and treatments for advanced prostate cancer

In 2019, The Nicol 2011 Trust awarded Prostate Cancer Research Centre an incredible donation of over £573,000 in support of our new medical research projects.
Established by the late Gordon Nicol, the Trust has made a significant contribution to the future of prostate cancer research as PCRC aims to save and improve the lives of men and their families.

The donation will be used to support our seven new projects at some of the UK’s leading institutions, ranging from early-stage research to drug development for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer. We are tackling the problem of how to make prostate cancer treatment more effective in different ways.

In honour of Gordon’s contribution to prostate cancer research, we are proud to announce the creation of ‘The Gordon Nicol Award’, which has been awarded to Professor Iain J McEwan at the University of Aberdeen. Professor McEwan is working on a potentially major step forward in the treatment of advanced prostate cancer by preventing the development of hormone therapy-resistance amongst men.

To find out more about The Nicol 2011 Trust’s donation, please visit:

Gisela Graham Foundation: Preventing the spread of prostate cancer

In November 2018, the Gisela Graham Foundation awarded Prostate Cancer Research Centre a grant to support our ‘Preventing the Spread of Prostate Cancer’ project, led by Dr Magali Williamson at King’s College London. The project is conducting world-first research into cell division and decoding the deadly spread of prostate cancer.

Through the project, Dr Williamson has discovered that an overexpression of a particular protein is common in cases of advanced prostate cancer and may be linked to the spread of the disease. The research is now looking to inhibit this protein, containing the cancerous cells within the prostate so that it can be treated.

With the Gisela Graham Foundation’s support, we aim to develop therapies that could dramatically improve prostate cancer survival rate and the quality of life for men with prostate cancer.

For more information on the Gisela Graham Foundation, please visit


The Barbara Naylor Charitable Trust: Developing a new immunotherapeutic treatment

Prostate Cancer Research Centre is grateful for the generous support of The Barbara Naylor Charitable Trust.

With the Trust’s donation towards our Immunotherapy Project, we aim to develop a new immunotherapeutic treatment for advanced prostate cancer. Dr Christine Galustian and her team at King’s College London are working to harness the immune system’s innate ability to fight cancer.

Immunotherapy is one of the most exciting scientific advances in recent years. Dr Galustian has devised an innovative new way to harness a naturally-occurring protein’s ability to identify and treat cancerous cells, attaching it directly at the site of the tumour.

The next step is focused on bringing this new treatment to clinical trials. The Barbara Naylor Charitable Trust is helping us to achieve this.

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