PCRC Announces 2018 Research Initiatives

In light of the news report published 2nd February confirming that prostate cancer now kills more people than breast cancer, the Prostate Cancer Research Centre (PCRC) would firstly like to congratulate the breast cancer research scientists and health organisations who have worked so hard in reducing mortality rates across the country. Treatment and diagnosis of breast cancer has made seismic leaps because of the dedicated scientific focus on finding new therapies, although there is still a long way to go in defeating the disease. PCRC’s hope is that funding for all cancers increases to ensure that this success story continues and innovations impact positively on new and existing patients.

One of the most significant reasons for the headline-grabbing statistics comparing the two cancers is that although we are now better at keeping men with prostate cancer alive, more men are dying of the disease because they are no longer dying from other causes.

These men, who continue to make such a vital contribution to society deserve better.

At PCRC, our primary role is to focus on finding treatments for the advanced stage of prostate cancer that kills almost 12,000 men every year. We recognise the need to scale up our response to the ever-increasing number of deaths, enable donors to fund our up-and-coming scientists and support the latest scientific techniques. As a result of this need, PCRC are delighted to announce the following three initiatives from April 2018:

  • Commitment to fully support two new five-year research grants for two outstanding scientists that have made tremendous progress in tackling prostate cancer
  • Kick-start best-practice, industry-standard processes for a new round of funding for scientists who demonstrate that they can develop more effective therapies for advanced prostate cancer
  • Allow potential supporters of core funding projects to track the progress and impact of our research projects online through our website (from June 2018).
    PCRC acknowledge that although the need for prostate cancer treatment is increasing all the time, ongoing science breakthroughs are offering greater potential for treatment. Our hope is that the science will start to bring down the mortality rate for all cancers as soon as humanly possible.
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