Prostate Cancer Research Centre is delighted to announce additional funding and two extended grants. 

PCRC has awarded Dr Aamir Ahmed and Dr Magali Williamson additional five-year grants. This funding, totalling £1,050,000 over the next five-years, will enable these lead researchers to continue their work into Stem Cells and the Spread of Prostate Cancer.

Both projects have identified viable targets for therapeutic intervention. They are now in the translational stage of research. Dr Williamson is developing new antibodies to inhibit the spread of prostate cancer. Dr Ahmed is repurposing an existing family of drugs, MPRCs, to treat prostate cancer. Clinical trials are a feasible aim for both projects.

In addition to these new project grants, we have awarded every one of our four research projects additional resources, totalling over £300,000 of investment.

This new funding is an exciting way for PCRC to start 2018/19, a year in which we will spend over £1,000,000 on research for the first time.

“I’m delighted that the kind support of our supporters has allowed the organisation to approve this additional funding, which will improve the effectiveness or efficiency of PCRC’s research” - Oliver Kemp, CEO

New Awards in Full

Dr Ahmed, Stem Cells - £121,585

  • Two new pieces of equipment, costing £10,000 each, to facilitate more efficient and higher resolution imaging of cancer stem cells.
  • A Research Assistant to will help with the smooth running of cell culture facilities, organizing bookings for various facilities within the university, data collection and general laboratory house-keeping. This will free-up considerable amounts of Dr Ahmed’s time.

Dr Christine Galustian, Immunotherapy - £136,000

  • A new AKTA machine for attaching ‘chemical tails’ to immunotherapeutic proteins.
  • A Chemistry Technician to join the final two years of the project. They will have the skills to experiment with attaching ‘chemical tails’ to non-protein agents in order to enhance new treatments.

Dr Boris Shorning, Modelling Metastatic Prostate Cancer - £75,476

  • A dedicated Animal Technician to ensure the best support and care for the mice that this project works with.

Dr Magali Williamson, Spread of Prostate Cancer – £200,000

  • A post-doctoral Research Associate to assist with testing prototypes of antibodies which inhibit the spread of prostate cancer, analysing PlexinB1 within 8000 prostate cancer tissue cores, and setting-up a 3D model to reflect the cellular heterogeneity of prostate tumours.

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The costs indicate the total of the new staff and equipment for the remainder of the grant.