Every Christmas, a gentleman called Gordon Gray creates a challenging, but great fun, Christmas Puzzle.  He encourages participants to send their answers to him together with a donation which then gets divided between three or four charities selected by fellow Puzzlers around the UK.

This year, the Prostate Cancer Research Centre have been lucky enough to be nominated by one of our supporters John Wynne Williams and therefore are one of the five charities that will benefit from the Christmas Puzzle.

About the Christmas Puzzle

This year marks the 26th anniversary of the Christmas Puzzle. So far, the Puzzle has raised £69,700 for various good causes. The Puzzle should appeal to people who enjoy solving quality newspaper crossword puzzles and, unlike many puzzles that come out around this time of year, this one is designed to help you finish - the Puzzle has an underlying theme so that, just when things start to get a bit tough, you should get more information to help you progress.

You can find out further information on the webite http://www.christmaspuzzle.co.uk/ 

Prize money – Every entrant could be a winner!
Everyone who enters will be entered into a draw to win one of five prizes, each of £10. In addition, £30 will be awarded to the four highest scorers.

All monies donated through the puzzle, minus prize money, will be distributed equally between:

All the charities have been nominated by fellow Puzzlers from the UK. We do hope you will be generous in your donations, supporting the work of these charities.

You can register to receive the puzzle by email here

Thank you for your support, wishing you a merry Christmas from all at the Prostate Cancer Research Centre.