Why leave a legacy?

Each year in the UK, more men are diagnosed with prostate cancer and more men die of the disease than in the previous year. Our mission is to improve survival and provide a cure for the next generation of men with prostate cancer. Your legacy will help make our vision possible.

What types of legacy can you make?

We get many types of gifts in wills and they are all very important to us. The three main types of gift that we receive are:

  1. Residuary legacy

A residuary legacy is what is left after all other payments have been made (including gifts to your family and friends, tax, administrative costs and debts).

  1. Money legacy

A money legacy is a fixed amount of money.

  1. Specific legacy

A specific legacy is the gift of a specific item such as jewellery, a car or a house.

What wording should I use in my will?

Writing your own will is possible, but to make sure that your wishes are met, it is safest to use a solicitor or professional will writer.

When you come to write your will, it is good to be as fully prepared as possible. The key jobs before starting to write your will are to:

  1. Estimate how much you are worth – house , possessions, life insurance (and don’t forget the debts - mortgage, credit card, hire purchase)
  2. Decide who you want to name in your will and make a list of names and addresses
  3. Work out how much the taxman is going to want
  4. Decide who will carry out your wishes by appointing executors (trusted friend, family or professional)

How to leave PCRC a legacy

To leave PCRC a legacy, you will need the following information: Prostate Cancer Research Centre, Britannia House, 7 Trinity Street, London SE1 1DB; registered charity number 1156027.

If you would like to discuss or specify how your legacy will be used, please email the CEO at [email protected].