Download the route description to help you decide which track to take!

Two Routes to choose from!

You have the option of choosing between the Miners Track or the Pyg Track for your climb up Mount Snowdon. Both routes are very scenic, but for less experienced hill/mountain walkers it could be better to use the Miners Track as it is a little less demanding. When you arrive to sign in this is where you will have to decide which track to take. The route back to the finish will be via the Llanberis Path for all the participants.

Highly experienced local mountain safety marshals will be deployed at strategic points on the mountain. They will be wearing yellow high visibility tabards, they are there to provide support and help where needed so please take heed of any advice they may give you. As you pass each marshal please check in so that we can keep track of your progress on the mountain.

Download the map to have a look at the route!

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