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Right now, we are all seeing just how important medical research is to help save lives.

In the UK, 56,000 men were diagnosed with prostate cancer last year and, of these people, 12,000 will die from the disease. It is in the late stages that prostate cancer kills, yet, surprisingly we are often still using treatments for late stage prostate cancer that are toxic and ineffective.

Our research focuses on changing this reality in the future by focusing on developing effective treatments for all stages of the disease. We know that by investing in and supporting excellent science we can help to achieve the scientific breakthroughs which will save countless lives.

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Current restrictions have meant that many of our scientists have had to pause or slow down their research – or have moved to Covid-19 projects for the time being. All of our legendary scientists have been extraordinarily dynamic, flexible and enthusiastic during this challenging time. They are an absolute inspiration to us all and we are determined now more than ever to continue supporting them and their incredible work. 

We know that there is an urgency for treatments for prostate cancer. We want to ensure that we can continue to build on what we have and increase our chances of finding treatments and improving the lives of patients. PCRC are looking eagerly to the future – continuing to support our scientists, extending our support to more innovative and exciting projects and raising awareness of the vital impact of our research.

You can help us, right now, to ensure we can continue supporting excellent research which will save the lives of future patients.

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Fundraise for us and directly support our research!

If you are in a position to do so, there are hundreds of ways to fundraise for PCRC during lockdown. You could take on a sponsored running or walking challenge, or host a virtual ‘pub’ quiz with your friends and family. Or if during lockdown you have discovered a new hobby, now is the perfect time to show off and put it to good use! Simply set up an online fundraising page and let people know why you are raising money for PCRC.

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If what you have seen proves that our research is essential to saving lives and you are in a position to do so, please do consider making a donation. Your donation will help us to continue supporting our legendary scientists and their groundbreaking research. 

You can make a donation on our Legend in the Baking campaign. Why not donate the amount you would donate for a slice of cake at a bake sale, or donate the cost of cake ingredients?

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