You and PCRC can make a great team that will motivate your staff and improve your productivity. With us, you have a cause that is relevant to every man, every mother, every daughter, every wife and every sister. If you take up the challenge with PCRC, together we can both win.

We would like to work with your company for our mutual benefit. We can help you with support and fundraising materials and ideas and advice. We will join you to achieve your and our vision. Together, our corporate relationship will motivate and inspire your staff to reach both our goals.

You can register your interest in working with PCRC by filling out this form. 

Take a look below at a few of many ways in which we can work together. 

Charity of the Year

Working together on a charity of the year partnership is easy and we would love the opportunity to be your selected charity of the year. Work-based fundraising is great for your staff – it improves morale, can make coming to work fun and provides inspiration. We have lots of events your staff can take part in and we have lots of resources to help your staff make their own events a success.

Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving is a simple and tax-efficient way for your employees to donate to PCRC directly from their salary. Once you are signed up to Payroll Giving, the amount pledged by each staff member is deducted automatically from their pay and the taxman kindly adds the tax that would have been paid on that amount – a win for the company, a win for the staff and a win for prostate cancer research.

Matched Giving

Many companies reward their staff by matched giving schemes – matching pound-for-pound, up to an agreed amount, their staffs fundraising efforts to make their achievement even greater. Matched giving is a motivational employee benefit that improves the company’s image and supports a good cause.

Gifts in Kind

It is not only financial support for which we are naturally grateful, but also gifts in kind and time, from products to services or expertise free of charge. This is a rewarding and efficient way in which to support PCRC’s resource base. 

If you have anything spare or unwanted, PCRC may be able to use it. We are always looking for auction and raffle items, merchandise for goody bags and promotional items for our events participants.