"When prostate cancer touches the life of those you love, you feel scared, desperate, and lonely. Cancer is real, it is among us. Luckily in our case, we won the battle and my husband has recovered and living a normal life.

After that ordeal, I felt an enormous need to give something back, to say thank you in a way that was beyond words. The work of charities in the fight against cancer is essential to each one of the patients who are currently suffering from this devastating disease. I asked myself many times, what could I do to help. We all live busy lives with work and children and then the thought occurred: I can run!

I decided to get in contact with The Prostate Cancer Research Centre as I believe that the more we study and research about prostate cancer, the better chance we there will be to find better and more effective treatments which could have a global impact. This has been my motivation to wake up in the morning, put my trainers on and go out for a run.

The team has always been incredibly supportive. We are in constant communication in regards to my training, giving me access to running experts and many fundraising ideas. I will recommend anyone to run for The Prostate Cancer Research Centre and join me!

I have run London Marathon 3 times, plus Paris, Mexico City, Madrid and Berlin. The team has been great in supporting me in endless half marathons and 10K. In 2017 I am very much looking forward to my 4th London Marathon in April!"

Marysol Sanchez-Gonzalez