Did you know that every May, thousands of people around the UK get up and about to celebrate National Walking Month? A month dedicated to promoting the benefits of walking, and to encouraging everyone to enjoy the simple exercise, May is the perfect time of year to go for a walk. It’s the beginning of summer, so the weather warms up, and the beautiful sights that you can see across the country become once again popular destinations for avid walkers.

Walking can be for anybody, and to encourage you early on, we’ve found out the top four benefits of walking:

  1. Walking is good for your physical health. Not only does walking lower the risk of diseases such as diabetes or heart disease, it is also excellent for helping you to lose weight and tone up your legs. Adding walking into your daily routine reduces bad cholesterol and helps control high blood pressure - and you burn about 75 calories if you walk slowly for 30 minutes!
  2. Your mental health will improve if you walk more. It prevents dementia and can contribute to you feeling more energetic. Walking releases endorphins into your body that reduce stress, and boosts circulation, making you feel full of happiness and energy. Going for a walk will also get you outside, and as a result, will boost your vitamin D, which is responsible for our immune systems.
  3. Choosing to walk instead of driving helps to reduce pollution. Cars and other motor vehicles are large contributors of greenhouse gas emissions, so by walking instead of driving, you will significantly reduce your carbon footprint (and save on travel costs!).
  4. Walking in new areas will bring economic benefits to the places you visit. There’s a reason why certain areas of the UK are more popular for walkers, and that is usually the beautiful scenery that you will find in areas like the Lake District and Wales. But by visiting these famous areas, you will not only be contributing to the economy in these rural areas, but will also bring economic benefits, by keeping these places well visited and enjoyed. Walkers in rural and coastal Wales contributes over £550million to the economy, meaning that destinations like the Brecon Beacons and Snowdonia can stay well maintained and protected.

Join us in celebrating National Walking Month this year and reap all of these benefits by taking part in the Snowdon 500 Challenge on the 13th / 14th of May. We will be climbing the highest mountain in England and Wales, and raising funds for the Prostate Cancer Research Centre in the process!

Follow this link to read more about the event and how we are celebrating 10 years of climbing Mount Snowdon for PCRC.