If you’re taking part in the Virgin London Marathon with the Prostate Cancer Research Centre in April 2017, then you’ll know that the pressure is on to start training and fundraising over the next few months so that you can make the most of the big day. We currently have sixty one runners in the marathon next year, all of you excited and raring to go and run those 26.2 miles.

Fundraising can be tough sometimes, especially when you don’t know what to do or even where to get started, which is why the Events team here at PCRC are always on hand to offer you advice and support. We love seeing what you are getting up to, especially on Twitter and Facebook.

We are also all big lovers of cake, baking, and the Great British Bake Off, and a very popular way to fundraise for charity that is easy and fun is to hold a bake sale. Bake sales give you the opportunity to advertise the charity whilst rewarding your supporters with sweet, delicious treats, and are usually very good fundraisers – because who doesn’t like cake?

The Great VLM Bake Off 2017 Competition:

What you have to do:

  1. Hold a bake sale fundraiser for the Prostate Cancer Research Centre.
  2. Take pictures of any cakes you have to sell.
  3. Send the pictures to us or tag us on Twitter and Facebook.


  1. You must submit your photograph with the hashtag #GreatVLMBakeOff and make sure Prostate Cancer Research Centre is tagged or mentioned (@ThePCRC).
  2. You must submit your photograph into the competition by the 28th February 2017.
  3. The winner will be announced on the 1st March 2017.

What we are looking for:

  • Beautifully designed, delicious looking cakes.
  • Thoughtfully displayed bake sales.
  • Diversity and range the different sort of baked goods available.
  • Originality in what you are selling – are you offering cakes that the other VLM runners have never seen before?

We can’t wait to see all of your entries! If we judge you as having the best photograph, you will receive a bottle of champagne and be able to call themselves the winner of the Great VLM Bake Off 2017!