Martin was first diagnosed in October 2014 just a few weeks before his 52nd birthday.  In January 2015 it seemed that the hormone injections were not working and his medication was switched. His readings settled down and his metastasis was thankfully brought under control after that. 

After the new treatment started he was given a median of 18 months, which was about 18 months ago, and since then he has monthly check-ups and remains with his fingers firmly crossed.

Being diagnosed so young is truly hideous, made especially so given that martin has a young family – two girls of 6 and 10.

As the truly inspirational man he is, martin has decided to do as much as I can in the time he has left so has been trying to do a few unusual things with and without the family. Since diagnosis he has been to turkey to explore the idea of taking herbal medicine, taken a holiday to the dominican republic, he then headed to Verbia in Switzerland to learn how to fly, without and areoplane - take a look at this video of his first ever solo paragylding flight. 

Martin then took the family on holiday to the Namib Desert in a 4x4 with only a map and a paper weight followed by a trip to Zambia in their own boat on the Zambezi River. Martin then took his daughter to Svalbard on a last minute trip just 600 miles from the North Pole.  

He keeps his friends updated with emails since being disganosed which are filled with incredible, in detail stories about his travels. 

One of the most recent challenges was a trek 100km over 4 days from Courmayeur (Italy), through Switzerland and finishing in Chamonix (France).  That’s almost 2/3rds of a marathon every day for 4 days whilst ascending some 5,045m and carrying his own gear. Martin contacted PCRC to let us know he was planning on fundraising for us as well as 2 other charities. However as he had a lot of intense training to do he wouldnt be able to host any fundraising activities and was just planning on opening a Virgin Money Giving Page. 

As time went on, the money creeped up further and further and within just weeks of openeing the page Martin has raised a total of over £40,000 including gift aid. 

Martin is a true inspiration to us and we hope will be to many others, he has remained positive and beaten the odds remaining an active lifestyle full of adventures despite his heart breaking news 18 months ago. 

We cannot thank Martin enough for choosing to support PCRC on his journey and also for keeping us up to date with his stories and adventures which really do make our day.