With the heavy downpour today in London, we remembered that summer in the UK never means constant sunshine. Although it's nice to have a clear, bright day to cycle in, it doesn't always happen, and it is still practical and sensible to expect that you may be cycling in the rain at some point. Because of this, we have 6 reasons why cycling in the rain can be good for your training, and why it shouldn't stop you from preparing for those big charity cycles coming up towards the end of the summer.

1. You will learn to use your bike better. By riding in the rain, in slightly more dangerous, slippery conditions, you will begin to use your bike with more concentration, and will therefore learn to handle your bike more safely on the roads. This will give you the advantage over those who have only ever cycled in pleasant conditions, as you will have more grit and determination behind you.

2. You will feel more confident on your bike. By cycling through the rain, you will feel happier about getting on your bike in a variety of different weather conditions, meaning that you are cycling more and training more! It will make you ready for race day and confident that you will be able to overcome any obstacle.

3. The streets will be quieter, giving you more space, solitude and freedom. With nobody else brave enough to get out in the rain walking, on their bikes or even sometimes in the car, you will be more free to move through your local roads and won't have to focus so much on other cyclists around you.

4. It's refreshing. You might have gotten used to cycling in warmer - or simply drier - conditions, so cycling in the rain (as long as you are safe) can be invigorating and a good change of pace. When training for any race, it's important to change up your training from time to time, whether that's changing the location, the time of day you set off, or, in this case, the type of weather. Rain will cool you and give you a new challenge to try. Plus, you'll feel like a kid cycling through puddles again!

5. It will give you the opportunity to test your equipment and make sure that you have the best clothing and tech for any occasion. If your waterproof clothing isn't waterproof enough, cycling in the rain is what will show you that. If your bike needs tuning up, testing its limits will help you figure out any weak points and make sure you fix them before race day.

6. It will make you appreciate the less rainy days even more. If for once you do get to cycle in sunny conditions, you will relish it after shivering in the rain. Not to mention that you will enjoy the post-training relaxation all the more, as you will have worked harder for it.

We hope these tips have convinced you that cycling in the rain isn't all bad! For a list of our upcoming cycles, please check the events section and see which cycles you'd like to do with us this year.