Hello PCRC!

My name is Jessica (or Jess, Jessie or anything else you fancy) and I’m the Events Assistant for PCRC. I’ve been working here for just over 10 months now in the most odd and exciting role I could have imagined.

Before coming to PCRC, I was the Events and Community Fundraising Intern at The Lullaby Trust, and before that I dipped my toe into a few different fields, including publishing, political campaigning, and education. At The Lullaby Trust, I realized that fundraising isn’t just a means to an end – it’s valuable in and of itself, whether you’re supporting community fundraisers who are working so hard to raise money for a cause they care about, or putting on an exciting event that gives something back to the people who donate.

PCRC is aiming to grow the amount of money we invest in prostate cancer research by 300% over the next 5 years. One of the ways we’re trying to do this is with a big, bold new event called Race for Science: a one-of-a-kind, interactive, scientific scavenger hunt in Cambridge.  My day-to-day tasks mainly revolve around getting this event up and running. I do research on venues, corporate partners, collaborators, marketing strategies, and I spend a lot of time telling people why Race for Science is so exciting. My favorite moment recently was telling someone about the event, and before I’d even finished talking the person asked how she could get involved!

I look forward to working on Race for Science for the next few months. I seriously can’t wait for everyone to experience this event!