We think that all of our fundraisers are fantastic, and it is great to see so many doing an amazing job promoting the PCRC and raising funds for our world class research. Our London Marathon runners this year are particularly enthusiastic, including Aaron McSkimming, father of two, who is raising thousands of pounds for us in memory of his father.

Aaron has been incredibly active and successful in his fundraising, and has managed to raise £15,000 already through a range of different fundraising activities. He has been raising his target since the very moment he signed up to run the iconic London Marathon, and is a positive, passionate fundraiser.

In an interview with his local newspaper, Aaron discussed why it was that he chose us.

“I wanted to raise money for a charity that is trying to help others, I know how the disease affects the patient and their family. We saw what it did to my mum and the family when my dad was having the treatment and when he passed away. I want to raise money for the research centre so that another family won’t have to go through what we went through.”

“I am taking the fundraising and the marathon very seriously. I have always been a runner, I used to do a 10K run once a week, but I have upped that over the last few months and I am to do that at least three times a week and further at the weekends. This is the first time I have done a marathon and I hope I am able to complete it, and in less than five hours. This is one of the best things I have ever done.”

Aaron is indeed taking everything seriously, and has been active not only in coming to our training day and lab tour, but also in running other races, such as the Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon, to represent PCRC as well. He is a fantastic member of #TeamPCRC, and is a great person to have around, encouraging all of our other London Marathon runners and making fast friends, and even getting the Events Team to run more!

We couldn’t be prouder to have Aaron on our team!